Library Elf

Offline Cards are cards that can't be checked. Something has changed with the card and Elf can no longer check your card. Cards that stop working for Elf checking are marked "Offline" in the card's "Status" field.

Cards can stop working for various reasons; they're usually fixable but require your attention. Check if any of the following applies:

Verify that your card works
1. Go to your library login page and log into your library account.
  - If you can log into your library account, sign into your Elf account and update your card information in your Elf account with these parameters.
  - If you cannot log into your library account, then you'll need to get your card checked by the library.
     Your card may have expired or you may need to get the correct card number and/or PIN/password (if PINs/passwords required).
2. When you've verified your card is working, you must update the card's Status to "Online" to restart checking for the card (see below).
Updating your card information
1. Sign into your account and select My Account.
2. Click the Library Cards tab.
3. Click the Edit icon Edit (on right side) of the library card you want to edit. 
4. Enter your changes.
    - PINs/passwords are not shown (security reasons) so reenter the PIN/password to verify the PIN/password
    - you only need to update your library card once
      (all other Elf accounts, with the same library card will be updated simultaneously)
5. Save the changes by pressing the Save icon Save
    - card will be checked when you save the changes
    - if the card works, the card Status will be updated to 'Online'
    - if the card does not work, the card Status will remain 'Offline'

Verify that your card has been updated by clicking Check my Cards.
If everything is set correctly but Check my Cards continues to show your card has a login failure, submit a bug report.

* The reasons for blocks can vary -- too many overdues, fines, card may need renewing, etc. To remove the block, you will need to get in touch with the library. (See the FAQ for more on blocks.)