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Let Elf help you manage your library loans and holds

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Who uses Elf?

  • Anyone who wants to reduce overdues
  • Families with children and lots of books
  • Individuals with several library cards
  • Anyone who requests a lot of holds

What's delivered?

  • Email and/or RSS alerts before items are due
  • Email and/or RSS alerts on overdues and holds
  • Consolidated list of yours or your family's library loans and holds
  • Cellphone text message alerts for holds (US and Canada)
  • Real-time checking by browser

See if your library is supported (view list of libraries).

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* the free trial period, which includes all of the premium services, expires after six notices (or three weeks, which ever is longer). The free service will continue at the basic service level.

Concerns about privacy? We will not sell or share any lists containing your email address. See our Privacy Policy.

For more information, go to our FAQ or see the Elf demo.

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