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Libraries Subscribing to Library Elf

Library Elf has been helping patrons keep tabs on their library materials since 2003. We hope your patrons are getting value out of this service. Many families have told us how indispensible Elf is to them. We also hope that your library has gained some benefits through higher circulation and happier patrons.

Elf started out with Google and Amazon ads to help pay for the service. As time went by, costs went up as server and equipment requirements increased; as well with more patrons signing up, the need for support has also gone up. It was apparent that we needed to better handle maintenance, enhancements and support to keep up with the demand.

In March of 2008, we sent out a library survey to get ideas on how we might fund the growth of Library Elf. The results indicated that we should try to keep this service free for patrons and move forward by funding Elf through library subscriptions.

If your library subscribes to Elf, your library patrons would be able to use Elf's multi-card Premium Service monitoring at no charge. Your patrons will not see any mention of subscribing to Elf. Patrons would still have the ability to individually subscribe to libraries that have not subscribed to Elf.

Accounts are monitored daily and notices are sent according to the user's preferences. As well, various reminder options (email, RSS, text messaging*, Daily Snapshot, etc.) and email support is available. In addition, users have the ability to update their delivery options. As well, users could optionally turn off ads on their Elf notice.

Your library may already have a pre-notification email. Library Elf is a good complement to any pre-notification system. What makes Library Elf unique is that multiple library accounts can be monitored, summarized and emailed to the library patron. Families with young children as well as home schooled families find this to be invaluable. In addition, Library Elf is able to deliver the notifications by RSS, and for holds, a notice by text message. As well, users may view one's circulation information directly in any iCalendar calendar such as Google Calendar, Outlook etc.

Subscriptions are on a yearly basis and priced according to how many active library cards are in Elf at the time of the quote. The price does not change for the entire year - no matter how many patrons have sign up during that time. Upon renewal, the subscription price is again based on the current number of active cards in Elf. Cost per card goes down as more cards are entered into Elf.

If you would like a quote, please contact us through our Feedback form. Thank you.

* US and Canada only







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