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The following is a sample of users comments.

“Hello my elfish friend. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your reminders. You make my life MUCH easier, and less stressful, since I don't have to remember all of my due dates. It allows us to use the library more, and that's a FANTASTIC thing. You're awesome! ”
Janel Zuranski
“The library should have employed this years ago to help their patrons out! I stopped using the library because of the "new" system. New system, old sytem alike, I have always accrued high fines and constantly asked the library to fix their system to notify patrons in a more timely manner. I actually thought they were trying to make money off of us. I stopped using the library for a long time (about 9 months) because of it. Now, with this site, I'm back to using it obsessively. Thank you tremendously for this help in organizing me. Whoever designed this site did a remarkably good job and left nothing out! They must have had me in mind when they were designing it! Thanks! ”
“Love the service! Awesome at-a-glance information about my library account. I am a frequent and active user, so this information is invaluable received as email and listing my interlibrary loan information is excellent! Thank you. ”
Michael Woodin
“I just want to pat you on the back for your excellent service. What a great idea, and a great implementation of that idea! Thanks, and keep up the good work. ”
“I just received my first reminder and I'm so happy that it works! My library's new system change was causing me to owe dues every time I checked out books so I stopped using the library. Now we can enjoy checking out books again!”
Terri Daniels
“I just wanted to say how useful I have found this service to be. I often learn of holds this way before being notified by the library in question. I have in the past missed phone notifications so this is great. It really helps me keep track of my library books particularly because I borrow from a few different systems.”
Andrea Gorgec
“This is a fantastic service, far more than I expected. The information is clearly presented and I really like how you recap the entire account. Bravo, the team that designed this did an excellent job.”
Steve Boone
“I absolutely love Library Elf. I was actually referred to use the service by my mom, who works for our local public library. She knew how much my two boys and I struggled with getting our materials back on time. We have now had excellent success getting everything returned on time and now I don't have to worry about whether there's anything due that I don't know about. (Incidentally only one thing has been late since we started using Library Elf -- something that was due while we were on a week's vacation.) Thank you!!! ”
Rebekah Sprecher, active mom of two
“Thank you SO much for this valuable service! Our family of eight checks out a LOT of materials at our local library and over the years we've incurred high fines. This service is FANTASTIC for us and we thank you for providing it. And it works just as you said it would...something you don't always find. Thanks again for our library elf! ”
Christine Lloyd, homeschool mom of six book lovers!
“Just letting you know that I love this system. The reminders are the best thing that has happened to me, related to library activities.”
Scott Finnegan
“I think this is one of the absolute best uses of the internet I have found.  Your site is AWESOME!!!!  I am a busy mom of 4 kids, and I work part time so we'd never use the library if I had to depend on my memory to bring the books back on time.  Thanks for the best site on the web!!!”
Rose Horan, busy mom of four.
“Elf is just what I've been hoping for. My school-age kids are voracious readers and my one-year-old wants book after book at bedtime. As a parent, these are habits I want to encourage. The library helps feed our family's book appetite but we used to really struggle to keep track of the two dozen or more library items scattered through our house at any given time. With Elf it's easy. The reminder emails fit perfectly into my daily routine. Now I can't imagine life without it!”
Stephen Bisanz, dad of three
“When the Elf courtesy notice arrives, I approach it with a feeling of reassurance and security, knowing that I am on top of my library book situation. It almost seems silly to say that, but with staggered due dates at multiple branches, I used to have a little thread of worry in my life that just isn't there anymore. Thanks. ”
Robert Adams, High School Coordinator
“I use Elf to keep track of my family's library materials and return them on time. I am a working mom with three young children. Everyone likes to take out their own books, videos, cds, dvds and cd-roms on their own cards. We usually have about 30 itmes out from the library, on five different library cards. It is hard for me to remember what items we have out and when they are due back. Elf keeps track of everything for me so I don't even have to think about it. Elf's e-mail reminders warn me when things are coming due so I can avoid overdue fines. I love Elf and don't know how I managed before I start using it!”
Celia Henslowe, busy mom of three enthusiastic readers
“Elf has been really great for me and my family. I am a writer and do a lot of research, often at different libraries. Keeping track of what books belong where and when they need to be returned has not been easy. Also, my two teenage children sometimes take books out on my card. This just adds to the difficulty of managing our borrowings. We often had overdue fines, but since registering with Elf, they are a thing of the past!”
Claudia Cornwall, Special Correspondent and Author
“I love, love, love Elf. In our house it is hard to keep track of all our library material as my children often make several trips to the library in one week. Thankfully Elf notifies me when the material is due and allows me time to locate all our books and other material. I print out the notification and put it and the books to go back by the door so that they are ready to return, on time, on our next trip to the library. I don't know what I did before Elf library notification.”
Joan Harmsworth, active mother of two boys
“Email is by far the best medium for a library reminder service, for my life situation. Home voice mail messages sometimes don't get through, but email always does.”
Gordon Cornwall, business owner and father of two

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