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Subscribing to Library Elf

For many years, Library Elf has helped library patrons keep tabs on their library material without charge. Library Elf is an independent service and was not funded by libraries (or users).

Costs have gone up (new server, higher bandwidth, etc.) and to help pay for the new costs and support needs, we've implemented two levels of service: a Basic Service, which is free, and a Premium Service, a modestly priced subscription. If you have gotten good value out of Elf in the past, we hope you will help support Elf by subscribing to the Premium Service.

New Subscriptions

New users receive a free trial period. When you sign up, you will be able use the service at the Premium level for the first six reminder notices or three weeks (which ever is longer).

After the trial period, the free service continues at the Basic Service level (if you decide not to subscribe, you do not need to do anything; your account will automatically be converted to the free Basic Service level).

If you wish you may subscribe to the Premium Service anytime by logging into your Elf account.

To subscribe, sign into your Elf account then click the Subscribe button. The subscription price will be automatically calculated and will be based on the number of non-subscriber library cards in your account.

Basic Service

Basic Service provides email reminders similar to those found in existing library email reminders: single card with pre-dues and over dues notices only (holds ready and holds requested are not included). Basic Service is useful for users whose libraries do not have a pre-due or overdue email reminder service. If your library provides email notices, you may want to sign up for your library's reminder service.

Premium Service

Premium Service provides multiple ways of monitoring your library cards. The Premium subscription makes things more convenient for users who frequent different libraries, have families with young children as well as users who frequent the library a lot.

A number of libraries have subscribed to Elf's services. The libraries that have subscribed to Elf are shown with "subscriber" after their names. Subscriber library patrons will receive the multiple cards Premium Service at no cost - but only for the 'subscriber library'. These libraries automatically show up when you add a card to your Elf account and will have the "subscriber" designation after their names.

Note: About 10% of the libraries are in beta. These libraries automatically show up when you add a card to your Elf account and will have the "beta" designation after their name. There is no charge to use these libraries at the Premium Service level while the library is in beta. When the library is released, the library will be available at the Basic Service or Premium Service levels. Users who wish to continue the Premium Service may sign up for the Premium Service. Users who'd like to use Basic Service do not need to do anything (the account will automatically be converted to a Basic Service account).

Basic Service vs Premium Service

Basic Premium
Library cards allowed One One or more
Customizable settings Partial All
Type of alerts Pre-due and overdue Pre-due, overdue, not due, holds ready and holds requested
Email format HTML HTML
RSS No Yes
Text message alerts 1 No Yes2
Items summarized in Elf calendar No Yes
iCal calendar No Yes
Private daily snapshot web page No Yes
Real-time checking by browser No Yes
Ads Yes Optional
Support FAQ 24-48 hour email response
Cost (single card) Free $12.00 USD/year
Cost (multiple cards) Not available $20.00 USD/year

Sign into your Elf account and subscribe today!

Thank you very much for your support.

1 US and Canada only
2 Alerts for holds ready and items due the next day


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